The Central Role Of Dieting In Health And Fitness

The current obsession with health and fitness is concentrating on physical activity while neglecting the pivotal role played by proper dieting. To assert that there is a health and fitness craze in society today, is to make an understatement. There are not enough superlatives to describe what is happening in gyms and nutrition classes. Homes are now fitness centers, as people strive to avert diseases and live longer. Considering the prevalence of lifestyle complications like obesity and diabetes, one can understand the fascination with healthful lifestyles. However, the public needs to understand the significance of eating a balanced diet, if personal health and fitness goals will be achieved.To begin with, food provides the body with the energy it needs to carry out its normal activities. Eating carbohydrates and other sugars in the recommended quantities is important for the body’s optimal functioning. All body activities and processes require glucose. A body deprived of this nutrient will be lethargic and ineffective. Physical exercises take a lot of energy from the body. Jogging, running, lifting weights, sit-ups and other aerobic exercises, cannot be accomplished when the body has no strength. It is, therefore, unnecessary to visit the gym when you have eaten nothing. Unless you feed your body with the recommended portions of carbohydrates, all your health and fitness efforts will come to zilch.Additionally, food builds your body cells and muscles. Cells are the basic units of the organs and fluids that make your body function. You need to eat a lot of proteins to develop your body to the fitness level you deserve. Legumes, milk and meat products are some of the richest sources of proteins. When the body is physically exerted, it undergoes wear and tear. The damaged and exhausted cells need replacement or rejuvenation. Failing to eat well while exercising, is a recipe for further damaging the body’s systems, instead of achieving health and fitness goals.Lastly, diet is important to any health and fitness efforts because the body needs to be protected from diseases. Vitamins and minerals are crucial in strengthening the immune system, and fighting diseases. Physical exercise is desirable, but a sick body has no place in the gym. Sickness can also be aggravated by exercise, especially when the body is weak and incapacitated. Health and fitness goals are only achievable when food is given its primary role. Exercise has its benefits, but it can never replace proper dieting.

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