Your Employed But Are You Doing Your Part?

Let’s face it. This is a bad year for the employed. Of course, it is worse for the unemployed, but those individuals who are holding jobs during this time are working harder with less resources than ever before. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we should be using this time to stand out in our work environment. You know you go to work every day and are expected to do twice as much with half as much, but have you considered what your company needs to help them increase their productivity and to change their present situation.Turf battles should be put aside and new ways to get things done should be part of your daily workload. You are probably familiar with many processes that could be handled more quickly and accurately with technology that you have resisted when your company was successful. Now is the time to help your organization recognize what solutions will allow them to initiate strategic change so that they can ensure that the company stays afloat.Your boss may be frustrated and reflecting that frustration on you, but what better time to show that you are capable of rising above the aches and pains of working in a bad economy. Go to work and demonstrate that you are a team player; that you believe that some day your company will be back on its feet and you will be there when it happens.If you look around and you see that your colleagues are negative about their situation, suggest ways to improve the company’s output, rally the troops and look forward to keeping your job in a company that you can enjoy going to each day.

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