A Review of the Lifestyles Income Opportunity

What was the first thing you thought about when you saw the title with Lifestyles name in it? For us, we originally thought the name was derived to let everyone know it didn’t matter what lifestyle you were living, it could always be better or you could make it better by using or selling their products. So of course, that was the very first thing we wanted to find out when we visited the company’s website and found out it was a health and wellness company.

Starting as far back as 1989, Lifestyles has built itself into a worldwide company, spanning over 30 countries today. In searching for that product that would separate the company from other health and wellness companies around the world, we didn’t really see anything that stood out with the “wow” factor when first browsing the website. So instead, we moved on to the opportunity and see what it had to offer.

To join, you can purchase a membership for $40 and receive a distributor kit, discounts, bonuses, company and up-line support, along with your membership selling abilities to span worldwide. Lifestyles offers a “Premier Pack” or “Instant Direct” plan which are both step ups from the forty dollar starter package. They offer more points for products and additional discounts off, but as far as a price for these programs, you will have to call the company, because we couldn’t find it on the website.

As we look at the compensation plan, we can’t really give you a definite answer as most of the information is vague from what we have found regarding the plan. This is not something new that Lifestyles has invented or anything, in fact it’s quite common in many companies who are trying to get you to talk with them either over the phone, or by video email. Why? For the same reason you go to a timeshare presentation and they want you to buy now and have that sale for “today and today only.”

Many people who search a company online like Lifestyles sometimes don’t understand all aspects of the company and go looking for another company because of it. So instead, companies will leave just enough information to peak your interest so you will call and ask more questions. They do offer information on their compensation plan, but not specifics all the way down to the bone.

However, we’ll leave you with some of it and you can give them a call if you want more information. You have the opportunity through Lifestyles company to earn retail and wholesale income. We found this interesting as people who refer other people even if they were only customers, they received discounted prices for each person they referred to the company. There wasn’t an actual number, but it was intriguing enough that someone will want to find out more information.

The rest is through generation, fast track, and organizational bonuses built up from duplication which seems to be what the company revolves around according to their website. While probably one of the first companies to come into the internet health and wellness world, the company today seems to leave informational holes in hopes of explaining everything on the phone.

Look at some of the products like Vigor and Intra, which were two that we ended up looking at, and see if it’s something you are interested in investing your money for a new business. Then again, you may just end up being a customer. If so, we were glad you came across this article.

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